Growing up, I loved Doris Day movies. One in particular, a Hitchcock flick, The Man Who Knew too Much, featured Doris Day singing “Que Sera Sera”. The song literally means “Whatever will be, will be”. As a new mom, I found myself constantly improvising from mommy failing moments and saying to myself and my husband,”Que Sera Sera, Dear”. This saying became a little joke with my husband, who dubbed me the “Que Sera Mama”.

Welcome to my world of joy-filled mommy moments. Most mommy blogs seem to fit into one of two categories: the I-have-it-all-together Pinterest Mommy and the just-trying-to-survive-my-kid-ate-paste Mommy. Like most moms, I fall somewhere in the middle. Some days, my winning looks like a clean house, homemade meals for the week, and painted nails. Other days, I win by being able to shower and brush my hair. If it is the latter winning today, just say “Que Sera, Mama” to yourself and read on.

Originally from Texas, I grew up as a city girl and staff kid in mega church world. Currently, I call Georgia home. I am a wife to an amazing husband and stay-at-home mommy to a precious baby boy. I love to cook, write, and do the occasional DIY project. My “Naptime Chef” section will include recipes I make while my little one is napping. Because, let’s face it, that whole “sleep when baby sleeps” thing doesn’t work for me. Mainly because I haven’t figured out how to cook when baby cooks or clean when baby cleans…